It All Began With Caesar.

Let us take you through the journey of how one dog drove us to create The Treat Street, a brand of natural and homemade pet foods and treats.

Enjoy the ride with us!

Caesar drove us to do better for all pets and pet parents. The Treat Street pet food came into existence after we experienced the significant loss of our firstborn, Caesar. At the age of 6years, he was diagnosed with severe diabetics and skin problems; we realized an important contributing factor was the harmful chemicals and preservatives used in most dog foods and treats available in the market. These are common causes that create health complications and are highly toxic to dogs and cats. We felt helpless and realized how we were unaware we were deteriorating our pets’ health and lifestyle. With a lack of organic and healthy food options available in the market, we decided to start one of our own. This is how ‘The Treat Street’ came into being. We realized that pet parents have minimal options for high-quality organic pet food and treats. Aside from our care and love, our pets also deserve a holistic life with the excellent nourishment of exceptional nutrition with fresh and delectable taste. So to find alternatives, we stood up to take responsibility and create products that bring happiness to pets and pet parents and at the same time ensure that pets are healthy as well. Besides, a part of our profit is contributed to the community of animal welfare & rescue.
From being a pet parent to running an ardent startup. We reimagine pet foods and treats from the ground up. With a small but mighty team, we home cook all our products with human-grade ingredients and no preservatives or artificial color or flavors, Every product that comes out of our kitchen is made with love and an effort to turn our unconditional love for pets into uncomplicated and convenient care for pet parents. What you put in their bowl is where it starts with.

Our Mission

In a lot of ways, The Treat Street is just getting started, but what motivated us will never change: Making quality home-crafted foods to keep pets healthy and happy.

Our Moto

We bake with love and care.